Financial records

The upkeep of the Commons is funded by a precept from Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, supplemented by grants and donations. Quarterly accounts are presented at each Conservators’ meeting, the budget for each year is presented in December and the annual accounts are presented at the June meeting.

Accounts are externally audited every year and, following best practice, they are also internally audited by the Borough Council.

The Conservators’ financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March. Additional information for earlier years can be found in Transparency on Spend section below.


The budget for the current financial year 2021/22 can be found here:
Budget & Precept 2021/22

Annual accounting statements, governance statement and auditors’ reports

The Conservators’ most recent annual financial reports can be found here:

Reports for previous years can be found in the Transparency on Spend section below.

Year to date expenditure

Year to date financial reports and statements of expenditure as presented to the Conservators at each quarterly meeting in the current financial year can be found here:

The fifth statement of each year covers the period between the report to the Conservators’ March meeting and 31 March. It is presented at the June meeting, along with the first statement of the new year.

Quarterly statements for previous years can be found in the Transparency on Spend section below.

Transparency on Spend

Financial records for previous years.

Annual Accounting Statements, governance statements and other information included in the Conservators’ Annual Returns:


Quarterly statements: