Projects & works

Each year, a number of improvement projects are carried out on the Commons in line with the long-term Management Plan. These may be funded from the Borough Council precept but are more often supported by grants and donations from the Freehold Tenants, Friends of the Commons and other bodies such as Sussex Lund.

Examples of our projects:

  • Wetland scrapes at Bulls Hollow, funded by Sussex Lund.
  • A new pond at the Marlpits in Rusthall.
  • Holly scrub clearance in Happy Valley.

Bulls Hollow

Marlpits in Rusthall

  • Reedmace removal at Bracken Cottage Pond.
  • Holly clearance near Wellington Rocks, that will open up a commemorative planting of oak trees for the coronation of George VI.
  • Clearance behind Fir Tree Road car park.

Bracken Cottage Pond

Wellington Rocks

Further information is available in the below documents