The Commons Conservators

The huge task of strategically managing the Commons lies with the Commons Conservators. There are twelve Conservators, drawn from three groups with longstanding interests and involvement in the Commons, representing Tunbridge Wells Borough Councillors, the Manor of Rusthall (the landowner) and Freehold Tenants of the Manor.

The Conservators’ role is similar to that of a Board of Trustees or a Parish Council and is a voluntary position. The Conservators have the power to undertake works on the Commons, and to establish and uphold the byelaws. They set strategy, including the long-term Management Plan for the Commons, and agree policies for using the Commons. They recruit a team of Officers (Clerk, Ranger and Treasurer), who are responsible for day-to-day management and financial stewardship.

The Conservators for 2021/22

Tunbridge Wells Borough Councillors

Councillor Martin Brice

Councillor Jamie Johnson

Councillor Nicholas Pope

Councillor Justine Rutland


Manor of Rusthall

Paul Burnett

Ewen Cameron (Chair for 2022)

Amii Errington

Corin Thoday


Freehold Tenants

Stephen Lacey

Ian Marshall

Chris McHugh

Clare Sinha


The Conservators welcome your questions, views and ideas, so please do get in touch.

What the Conservators love about the Commons

The trees, the space, the views, the history, the people. A place to walk, play, chat or just sit quietly.​ The Commons are for everyone, from the very young to the very old. The Commons are good for the soul!​

– Cllr Justine Rutland

Wonderfully diverse habitat, and a very interesting history that is intimately linked to our Royal town. The more one explores the better it gets.

– Cllr Chris Woodward

It is truly a wonderful natural environment in which all sorts of flora, fauna and wildlife can flourish.

– Ian Marshall

The Commons give everybody doorstep access to tranquillity. An opportunity to reflect and recharge your physical and mental health.

– John Barber

The ability to experience the beauty, peace and tranquillity a walk on the Commons offers, whilst being located just minutes from the Town, what a unique and amazing asset.

– Paul Burnett