Volunteer session: cherry laurel clearance

  • Date: Monday 7th March
  • Time: 9.30am - 11.30am
  • Location: Rusthall Common
  • Price: Free!
Cherry Laurel is a very pesky invasive species  and it is a source of embarrassment that Rusthall Common is a reference site for the problem in the UK, because it is so bad!
Last year we trialled the use of glyphosate to remove some of these trees and it was a great success. Here is a little bit more info….
A specialist contractor carries out the work which involves drilling into the base of those laurels which are large enough and injecting glyphosate carefully into those holes. This is the most environmentally sensitive way of dealing with the problem effectively and prevents the poison from leeching into the surrounding area. It takes several weeks to kill the laurel during which time the dead leaves don’t look very attractive, but the wind soon removes them and the skeleton remains quickly disappear from sight.
We are looking to tackle more of the invasive cherry laurel again in March and are looking for volunteers to help.
If you fancy the challenge, there are two areas that we need assistance with:
  • Can you help clear the smaller trees that can’t be injected, using our tree poppers?
  • Can you help us hand pull up the small saplings?
Tools, supervision and training all provided.
If you’re interested in getting involved, please email gemma.stapeley@twcommons.org.