A little help from our Friends

4th May 2021


After the great storm of 1987 there was a great deal of damage done on the Commons, and Patrick Shovelton was concerned that the efforts proposed by The Borough Council and The Commons Conservators would take at least twenty years to come to fruition. He called a meeting in The Council Chamber, and from there, The Friends of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons were born.

The Friends grew and grew

A management plan was created which the Conservators adopted. The Friends grew in members ( over 450 memberships today),and have funded many projects suggested by the Warden, the Conservators, the Friends and other interested parties over the years.

Over the last six months the Friends have funded the following.

£3000 to complete the Happy Valley Clearance.

£1450 for laminated trail maps of both Commons.

£1200 for equipment for the work parties,including litter picking equipment.

£2600 for the new storage area off the Coach Road, Rusthall.

£7200 for The Wetland Project at Bulls Hollow, Rusthall, through a successful bid to the Sussex Lund.

Wetland project at Bull’s Hollow.


Can you help by joining?

Membership is £10 for a family,or £5 for individuals over a year. Three glossy newsletters are sent to members, plus a welcome pack for new members. The more members we have the more projects we can fund.

We also have at least two social events during the year (hopefully later this year), and hold working parties covering activities like scrub clearance and litter picking with our band of volunteers.

Volunteers litterpicking on the Commons.

Clive Evans - Chairman of the Friends of the Commons