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Path at Brighton Lake
The Freehold Tenants kindly fund some of the projects on the Commons 
and this year, among other projects (detailed on the news page) they have excavated and restored the path around the back of Brighton Lake.  The pictures below show the progress of the work, with the latest pictures at the top.  
The first picture shows the finished path - it needs to dry out and set a little, but already looks good and is well used.  This was taken in early October.
Before this point was reached, the wall had to be built up by one course of stone to prevent flooding of the path, which had been a problem for years.  This is how it looked when the wall was finished, but before the final path surface was laid:
Before this, though, an attempt was made to surface the path with crushed stone which proved unsatisfactory, both in terms of surface and height.
The picture above was taken on 16 June, and shows how poor the first surface was, although it does not show some of the drainage problems.
The picture on the left (taken on Monday 9 June) shows the first excavations, when the layout of the path became clear for the first time in years .
The picture below shows why the start of work was delayed by several weeks - relentless rain had turned the whole area into a swamp. 
The Friends of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons spent some time last winter clearing the wall at the edge of the path, and in the picture below you can see the line emerge for the first time in many years.
Back in the very early twentieth century the path was clear and well maintained, as you can see from this old postcard.

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