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Tunbridge Wells Improvement Act 1890 and Bye-laws 
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This was made web-ready by Katharina Mahler for the Friends of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons website.  The Conservators are grateful to her for allowing us to use it on this website.

Changes to Bye-laws

Since the bye-laws were enacted there have been a number of changes to the law which have made some of them unenforceable.

When the Tunbridge Wells Improvement Act was superseded by the County of Kent Act 1981, most of the provisions were transferred to the new law, but the bye-law making powers conferred by the 1890 Act were more extensive than those conferred by the 1981 Act.

This means that a number of the original bye-laws are now thought to be unenforceable.  In most cases, other legislation is better equipped to deal with the same offences.

This link takes you to a copy of the 1890 bye-laws with notes indicating the Conservators' understanding of the current position.  This understanding is not based on current legal advice, so the Conservators cannot be held responsible if any of the information is incorrect.

Bye-laws shown in red are no longer in force, those in green are effectively superseded by other legislation, the one in blue was specifically repealed, and those in black are still current.

Page last updated: 15/05/2018