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Geology and Geography

The most distinctive landscape features of the two Commons are the various rock outcrops. These consist of Ardingly Sandstone, a variety of the Tunbridge Wells Sand containing small pebbles. The stone was originally laid down in the Lower Cretaceous period (around 136 million years ago) as deposits from a vast freshwater lake covering much of southern Britain. The outcrops as seen today were eroded by wind action during the last Ice Age (around 1 million years ago). At Denny Bottom (a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest) on Rusthall Common, erosion has created many strange forms including the famous Toad Rock. Other major outcrops may be seen at Happy Valley (Rusthall Common) and at Wellington Rocks and Mount Edgcumbe Rocks (Tunbridge Wells Common).

Rusthall Common Rocks

Toad Rock at Denny Bottom
Parson's Nose


Bulls Hollow

Rocks at Apsley Street

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