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We welcome your suggestions both for improvements to the Commons and for improvements to this website.
You can contact any of the Conservators or any of their officers 

by phone: 01892 554250

or by post:
        Commons Conservators
        Town Hall
        Tunbridge Wells
        TN1 1RS.

The office is normally open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, but phone messages can be left at any time and will be picked up most weekdays.  

In an emergency you can contact the Warden, Steve Budden, on 07860 750597.  Please bear in mind that in most emergencies, such as criminal acts, fires or fallen trees on the road, you should contact the police, fire brigade or KCC Highways.  We have no authority and no resources to deal with most emergencies.
The Conservators for 2019 are:

Borough Councillors
Cllr Barbara Cobbold (Chairman until March 2019)
Cllr James Scholes
Cllr Thelma Huggett
Cllr Chris Woodward

Manor of Rusthall (Targetfollow)
Corin Thoday 
Ewen Cameron (Chairman from March 2019)
Paul Burnett
Anthony Moore

Freehold Tenants
Stephen Lacey
Ian Marshall 
Chris McHugh
Clare Sinha 

Officers to the Conservators
Clerk - Giles Membrey 
Treasurer - Geoff Levitt
Warden - Steve Budden
Administrator - Julia Woodgate

Page last updated: 19/12/2018