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Volunteers are always welcome on the Commons.  There are a number of ways in which you can help.  Simply taking a bag with you when you walk on the Commons and picking up litter is always helpful.

Regular Winter Work Parties 

Although all the work requiring specialists or equipment is done by professionals, the Conservators rely heavily on the goodwill of volunteers to do much of the clearing through the autumn, winter and spring.  These voluntary work parties are organised by the Friends of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons, and meet on the first Saturday of the month from October to March at 10.30, usually at the Fir Tree Road car park or, occasionally at Toad Rock.   Everyone is very welcome, however little or much you can do.   If you do plan to join, please let us know so that we can confirm where we are meeting.

These are the provisional dates for this winter's working parties:

5 October 2019
2 November 2019
7 December 2019
4 January 2020
1 February 2020
7 March 2020

If you haven't helped before and would like further information, please contact us at the office on 01892 554250 or by email at info@twcommons.org.  Alternatively, pay a visit to the Friends website.  You can join the Friends using their membership page.

The Conservators' office maintains a list of volunteers and will email everyone shortly before each work party as a reminder and to confirm the details, so please make sure we have your email address.

One Off Projects

From time to time the Conservators have specific projects on the Commons which require volunteer help, and we will contact the volunteers group to see if anyone can help.  These are ususally on weekdays, so if you feel you might be able to help during the week, please let us add you to the emailing list even if you are never able to help at the regular Saturday work parties.

Self organised

If you would like to organise a group of your own to help collect litter or do some other project, please let us know and the Warden will see where you can be of most help.

Page last updated: 25/09/2019