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About the Commons Conservators

The two commons are administered by the Commons Conservators. They were established after the Tunbridge Wells Improvement Act of 1890 when the town was incorporated. Their appointment and powers were re-defined under the County of Kent Act of 1981. There are 12 Conservators in all. Four are appointed by the Manor of Rusthall, four are appointed from currently elected Borough Councillors and four are appointed by the Freehold Tenants of the Manor of Rusthall.

The Conservators stand for re-appointment every three years and act in a voluntary capacity.

The Conservators for 2019 are:

Borough Councillors
Councillor Mrs Cobbold 
Councillor Scholes
Councillor Mrs Huggett
Councillor Woodward 

Manor of Rusthall
Corin Thoday
Ewen Cameron (Chairman for 2019)
Anthony Moore
Paul Burnett

Freehold Tenants 
Stephen Lacey
Ian Marshall
Chris McHugh
Clare Sinha

The 12 Conservators are supported by a Clerk (Giles Membrey)) and Treasurer (Geoff Levitt) as well as the Warden (Steve Budden) and Administrator (Julia Woodgate).

The Conservators meet every quarter, in March, June, September and December. The meetings are held in the Town Hall and are open to the public.  The agendas are posted on the Meetings page shortly beforehand, and you can read the minutes of the meetings from 2006 onward, and the minutes of all previous meetings going back to 1890 have been scanned in and are now available to view.  If you wish to contact any of the Conservators or officers, please email info@twcommons.org
The Conservators try to make as much information as possible available on this website, including their policies.  If you cannot find information you need, please let us know.

The funding for the work of the Commons Conservators comes from an annual precept paid by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. For the year of 2019/20 the precept is £161,900. The most recent accounts are available on this website.  Apart from salaries, this money is mainly used to pay the contractors employed to cut the grass, clear litter and clear fallen trees.  Where possible, specific improvement projects such as pond restoration, clearance of rock outcrops and the gradual opening up of areas on both commons are undertaken, but in practice there is little money left after the regular work has been allowed for .
Significant additional financial support for enhancements to the Commons has been provided over the years by two groups with the future of the commons at heart - The Freehold Tenants and the Friends of Tunbridge Wells & Rusthall Commons.

Funding has also come from the owners of the Manor of Rusthall, Targetfollow, and the Conservators are actively seeking additional funding in order to carry out further improvements such as creating graded woodland edges on roadsides.

The Conservators, The Warden (Steve Budden) and the Administrator (Julia Woodgate) can all be contacted by email at info@twcommons.org, by phone on 01892 554250  or by post to: 

Commons Conservators
Town Hall
Tunbridge Wells
TN1 1RS.



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