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Welcome to Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Common

Welcome to the beautiful Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons, located in Kent. The Commons offer 256 acres of land for your enjoyment, bursting with flora and fauna.
On this site you can find our Warden's weekly updates, invaluable maps to plan your visit, information on the history of the Commons, the management plan, photos and much more. 

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Commons Conservators’ Photography Competition

We fully appreciate that times are very challenging for us all at the moment, but we’d love you to help us share a little bit of magic for those self-isolating and stuck at home. 

If you are already planning to use the Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons for your daily exercise, then pop your camera or phone in your pocket. 

When you see something that makes you think “Wow”, and we can guarantee that you will, then please take a photograph and enter it into our Photography competition. All of the fabulous images will be available for the whole community to see and enjoy even if people are unable to get to see the Commons for themselves, they will be able to see it through your eyes. We’ll post weekly highlights on this group and on our website.

Whether you capture a butterfly, a newt, a beautiful orchid, your dog running around, a smile or a fabulous view we guarantee it will brighten someone's day.

The competition is free to enter with a Junior (12 and under), Teen (13-18) and Adult Category. Entries can be of any aspect or area of the Commons, anything that celebrates the magic. Prizes include nature kits for children and vouchers or wine for everyone else.

The competition closes on 31st July with judging shortly after.

Full competition details as follows:

  • Please send your photograph to info@twcommons.org Your entry email must include; name, date of birth, address, date the photograph was taken and where on the Common the image was taken 
  • Any photograph is to be sent to be sent as a JPG/Jpeg file and be a maximum of 6MB.  
  • A confirmation-of-receipt email will be sent; if you do not receive this please contact info@twcommons.org for clarification.
  • Each entry must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party.
  • Responsibility for ensuring the consent of the subjects in a picture lie with the photographer.
  • One entry only per person.
  • Editing and enhancing of a photograph is not allowed, but cropping is.
  • Entries from professional photographers will be refused.
  • Commons Conservators have a right to refuse an entry on any grounds.
  • The Judge’s decision is final.
  • Entry into the competition enables the Commons Conservators to reproduce your photograph to promote the Common, across our publications, the website, and social media pages without a fee. A credit will be given wherever possible.
  • As a winner you would agree to moderate publicity and the use of your name, e.g. in a press release.

Covid-19 Update (May 2020)

If you are already planning to take your daily exercise on Tunbridge Wells or Rusthall Commons, please observe the following measures to keep everyone safe: 

  • You are free to use the Commons for your one daily exercise, please enjoy yourself. 
  • Please ensure that you observe good social distancing practices and follow Government guidelines to keep at least 2 metres apart to minimise the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. Where possible our pathways and tracks have been cut on either side to a width of 2 metres to maintain a minimum safe passing opportunity. If there are people are ahead of you and you cannot pass them or keep the required safe distance, then please stop and move aside.
  • Benches – all benches will now be available for visitors to use.  Please be aware that the benches are not sanitised and, in order to maintain social distancing of 2m (6’6”), you should only share a bench with other members of your household.
  • Government guidance states that dogs in areas used by other people should be on leads to ensure the two metre distancing requirements are met. It is therefore our recommendation that all dogs are kept on leads while on the Commons. It is critical that dogs are kept under control, if someone is knocked down or injured in anyway by an out of control dog then this will potentially add to the pressure on the NHS and put those providing first aid at risk. 
  • Please take home all of your litter because it looks unpleasant for everyone else and it could be a source of virus transfer. 
  • Please do not spit or clear your nose while exercising. 
  • Please be kind to others, these are challenging times, please don't make it more difficult with confrontational behaviour. 
  • Now is a great time to try the less popular paths, to avoid other people. Have a look at our fabulous maps provided by the Friends of the Commons. 

    To keep up to date with other news and information relating to the Commons please consider joining our Facebook group: Facebook.com/groups/TWRCommons


Page last updated: 14/05/2020